My Brother turned 35 today.  I still remember him as the skinny kid doing breaking dancing moves in back in the 80’s to some New Order. I think about those memories and they all seem glossy, yellowy over exposed images. Maybe it’s from looking at old family albums re-establishing the memories of my bro. I can’t believe he’s 35. Yesterday was my parents 37th wedding anniversary as well… 37 yrs… goodness gracious – I highly doubt my dad even remembered, if he did it was probably from my sis Luli reminding him. i could see the conversation now (dad sitting on his favorite couch, pre-dinner as he he’s watching Channel 52 Telemundo news) “Apa,  it’s your anniversary today!” (dad turning, hair wet from the shower that he took and fully engulfed with after shave), “Oh Si, de verdad…” and turning back… The air hangs with the smell of  Mexican food almost ready and my dad’s after shave and it’s just another Monday afternoon in the Tabullo household.

Last night I couldnt sleep. I spent some hours doing photo work and looking at vintage Mercede’s Benz for sale  – a 1964 230 SL coupe, any color, maybe green… (they’re pretty affordable and a realistic purchase) Mind you, this would be after I buy my photo gear that I still salivate for.

oh lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz

oh lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz


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