Kathy’s Song

Lately I feel as there’s more personal work to do. I’ve taken up the cello and now practicing here and there when I get the chance. My high school music instructor, Mr. Manyweather (my Mr. Holland) always said, “perfect practice makes perfect”. It’s true though. I can very well be holding the bow wrong because, like many things, I forget instructions easily and I can be holding the bow really lubberly and janky (after this entry… youtube “how to hold a cello bow”)

Weeks ago I took a photograph from my sis to scan of my mother back in the 60’s and I’ve kept it every since. My mom must have been 18 or 19 at the time.  She later told me it was right when she came to the states and stayed with my Great Uncle Leon. I miss him. I never met my grandfathers but knew him and he was mine.

Kathy’s Song – simon &  garfunkel




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