internet radio

Back when I worked on Rockstar and was trapped in a dungeon like tape library I use to listen to Indie Pop Rocks. Well, listened to  The Soma FM all day today. If I really didn’t like the song I’d mute it – there’s something about Jon Fratellis voice that just makes me want to cringe :/

Now just listening to Badly Drawn Boy sorta fighting my slumber, I really should go to bed.

"...the second rule, take a long way round See the sights.."

"...the second rule, take a long way round See the sights.."

2 thoughts on “internet radio

  1. I recommend maybe listening to some of This American Life if you need something besides music to listen too. Although it may be a bit distracting for the workplace. You’ll get sucked into the storylines

    I also used to listen to a lot of SomaFM now I just like to listen to news radio on NPR, KCRW, KPCC.

    • This American Life is pretty rad.
      My mornings always start off with 1070 AM cause, ya know, I want to know about all the Debbie Downer stuff that’s been going on in the last 24 hrs before starting my day. It’s sorta like curiosity killing the cat. I end up drained before starting the day.
      Radioparadise is also pretty cool but it gets too mainstream funky in the afternoon. thank you for the link Julio!

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