music + art + charity = somethin’ pretty good

For the past few weeks I’ve been planning an art charity event for the Strongheart Fellowship program. Over the weeks, it’s been getting a bit consuming. Venue, bands,  DJ’s, drinks, vendors willing to donate, handshakes and just sharing simple stories with people who have been apart of it or want to be apart of it.

Finally tomorrow it should all be coming together. A few of my new photo pieces will also be up and I’m just extremely greatefull that I’ll have the oportunity to raise money for this non profit organization.

I encourage you all of come and have a good time. Look forward to seeing you there and, as always, I greatly appreciate your continuous support.
– Ami


Tomorrow, September 10th, there will be an Art Charity Event @ Gallery 1018 in Downtown Los Angeles with live music & local painters/photographers to help raise funds for the Strongheart Fellowship Program. Proceeds will go towards rebuilding a home in Liberia for orphaned kids who’ve dealt with the ordeals of civil war. (Currently the roof is being built)

Please come check it out and have a good time.

Donation based, anything that you see fit.

Tomorrow 9/10/09
7 pm – midnight

1018 S. Santa Fe Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca.
Downtown LA

Music by Domingo 7
Raffle w/ great prizes (Concert tickets, photo shoots, Sport Event Tickets, DVD’s & CD’s)

Proceeds raised from this event will go to the charity. I’ve also set up a designated site to collect donations. This is a completely non-profit site so 100% of the proceeds will go directly towards our Charity. (amazing! not like paypal) You may chose to donate to the site if you’d like as well.

Donation Site:
More info can seen and heard @

thank you.

thank you.


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