"Stay curious and you will travel to the ends of the earth"

To me, I was completely adamant that curiosity deterred me from happiness and saw it as something I need to steer away from as much as possible (literally like Code Red style, alto!)

Then sometimes messages are so obvious.  This may be a bit cryptic but after eating my snack and sitting by myself on a red eye plane ride back “home” I finally noticed that the snacks  that I ate every day for 2 weeks had passages. Realizing the quote, I sat there like a tard with a huge smile on my face almost crying.

Thank you Sunmaid raisins, Hallmark has new competition.


One thought on “sometimes

  1. Curiosity is the natural spontaneity of the mind, to deter it would be like cutting of one’s fingers because of your hand touched a hot pot.

    Let it flow…

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