Visiting Café Intelligentsia mid-day to take in some wifi really makes me wonder….It’s like… painfully full of hipsters…in my mind, “Dude, why aren’t you working bro?

Thankfully I found a tucked away spot.


Lately I’ve kept telling reminding myself to Live in the now (to quote the great Duke of Garth Algar – *cough * Wayne’s World). This sorta mantra, as silly as where I found it from, is the best piece of advice.


It is what it is… mindfulness of my own life.

Yesterdays bike trek was just that.

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  1. I am lover of coffee and really to have to suffer the aberration that is the scene at Intelligentsia is too much. It many ways it is the anti-LA, and by that I mean it does not reflect the true nature of LA at all.

    And your quotation to “live in the now” is what I attempt to do everyday. Too often we live in abstraction of tomorrow and the clinging on to yesterday. This is *it*. Right now. Happiness we project on to tomorrow and never relish today.

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