Ever wonder about the same people you see every other day but don’t know their name? Their story?

There’s this blond woman who lives next door. She’s geared up with those bouncy sketcher tennis shoes and pushes her 8-month son (I’m guessing) back and forth about 100 ft. (and surely no more than that) she then makes a u-turn and walks back. She does this for about 2 hrs at any point of the day.I’ve tried to smile or say hello but no communication success yet.

There’s also this thicker looking man who always looks anxious about something. His chocolate pit-bull always seems to be walking him.

There’s the older gentleman in his 70’s(?) he walks his 3 legged terrier. From what I remember a long while back when I first shopped his estate sale, his wife passed away. She use to be a B Line movie star for Hollywood back in the heyday.

Don’t get me started on Mr. Santa Clause who sleeps in front of the Tip O’Nail salon on hillhurst. He seemed to have lost weight recently and I hope he’s ok, the last time I saw him was on Thanksgiving day. He does seem nice.

Anyway, here are my two songs of the day. Thank you Harrison for your wonderful music…


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