Everything’s Okay – Elliott Smith

Googie - the 5 year old Orphan

There are moments when  you have to take a deep breath from cursing…

…breathe and maybe laugh or try to laugh about it later (it took me a whiiiiiiile to get to that point). My hot lunch was accidentally spilled all over me just before I was about to sit down and eat. It wasn’t the tingly sensation on my left tummy from the new burn that bothered me; it was the mess that was splattered all over the floor. Shit happens… lol

I found this image from my trip to Liberia last year. Googie, the 5 yr old boy took this photo while we took a walk.  He could barely hold my canon 5D but was really thrilled to keep pushing the shutter button. This is about image 1 of 10 that he took.


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