fidgety & restless but ready for ALC

I’ve spread the word as much as I could. I’ve trained as much as I could.  I think I was able to do everything I could. I packed too (2 days before leaving to San Francisco – that’s a record) I’m just anxious.  It’s 7 days on the bike thinking… lots of thinking (considering we’re not allowed to listen to music) 7 days of peddling. 7 days of camping and waking up @ the butt crack of dawn, 7 days meeting 2,500 other cyclists, volunteers and supporters on the route and 7 days with people with the same mission.

Here’s the route

Also, here’s a good poem that a new friend gave us: I can’t Imagine what it feels like to have AIDS

I know I’ve said this many times but thank you. Thank you for caring. Thank you for opening your wallets. Thank you for asking, helping, supporting.  It’s been one heck of an experience so far. I will keep you all posted with photos and stories on the ALC blog


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