ALC 9: Rider 5860

This past week I traveled to San Francisco with my mom and Debbie before embarking on our AIDSLifeCycle journey.

I was so glad my mom was there to send me off, give me that one last hug,
reassurance and blessing. I knew this trip would be memorable but after experiencing it still feels like a dream that I’ve woken up from. It has been completely humbling to meet such kind people. The camaraderie was so genuine. I wish the entire world could be like that.  I also think that even with all the training I did it was the most physically difficult thing I’ve ever done (closing my eyes trying to channel the strength to my noodle-like legs to keep pushing).  There were times where I felt I couldn’t do it anymore. Quitting was not an option, I wasn’t stubborn about it but I just couldn’t. What gave me strength was seeing the other PosPeds (HIV Positive cyclists) who were so resilient going up those ridiculous retarded hills.  What gave me strength was also the lingering memory of my moms hug, the roadies cheering us on, the local kids cheering us on, that one lady parked in the middle of nowhere telling us, “thank you  for doing this for me”, the messages that friends and family sent me continuously throughout my trip and most of all I did it because  I didn’t want to give up in the fight against AIDS.  I’ve met some pretty awesome people with stories of lost loved ones.ALC totalled up 10 million dollars in contributions from this ride. 10 million to  help fight AIDS.

I’m extremely proud  of my mates who were there with me throughout the journey. Debbie was amazing and Team Stretchers, Hot Mess, Hogs on Wheels totally united. We’re all family…. and shoot I’m already missing everyone.

ALC did a great job at documenting the entire event. Check out photos and videos that were all done throughout the trip: ALC Photos/Video. Every moment was busy but was able to make quick blurbs on my ALC blog.

When I first told  people I was doing this 7 day ride a year ago they thought I was crazy. It didn’t register that it felt crazy till probably the end of day 2 after completing over a century ride that day. I was mentally and physically drained all while camping & waking up @ 4 am throughout the week.

yes – It was crazy but I’m thankful I was healthy enough to do it and accomplish every mile.

update: Gallery Link with my photos: ALC 9 Journey

Every rider had a message attached to their bike before our ride out on Day 7. thank you Chicken Lady, thanks for making me cry in the wee hours of the morning...


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