It’s been a year since my grandmother Amelia’s passing. She was a strong woman of very few words but gave the most endearing warmth to all her children and her grandchildren.

This week my sis asked me for a few photos of my grandmother that I had a chance to take while on our last visit to Valparaiso in 2008. For those who knew my grandmother, she hated the camera. She’d cover her face up and squirm as soon as she saw the black box with lens pointing her direction. On my trip out there I asked if she would let me take a few photographs her and she finally obliged! So for my remaining visit I carried my camera delicately calculating my shot so that she didn’t fuss. On our last afternoon together in Mexico my mom was really sad to leave my grandmother. They shared a few words, tearful hugs and I had one last opportunity to photograph her. I’m thankful I had the chance to take this photo and is the most cherished.  While I still mourn her loss, I also think about her beautiful wisdom.

Lately I’ve been getting to know my family once again… as an adult.  I see my parents getting older, less as parents taking care of us and more like amazing individuals. I’m finding out that my dad really is a wise crack and how awesome my mom is getting with her typing class. I can’t predict what happens in life but I’m just thankful I’m getting the chance to live and learn from each of them.


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