The latest issue of Woman’s Health Magazine did a shout out that women cry on an average of 24 – 64 times a year, significantly higher than men.  As I sat there getting my nails done reading on I reflected on my own life. Happiness, pain, sorrow or joy ignites my feelings to shed more than just 64 times per year. Just now I listened on to Obama stoically address the nation on TV about Bin Laden and campaign for peace. I couldn’t help but feel the lump in my throat and eyes well up as he recited the Pledge of Allegiance in his closing speech.  Earlier in the day my nephew Evan fell, he tried to keep cool but I saw his eyes fill up with tears not wanting to make a fuss, that’s when I knew he really was hurt. I grabbed an ice pack, hugged and reassured him that everything would be ok.  Crying is a release and clarity not of weakness. There is a sense of being in touch with some things  and I’m glad for that.


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