hi8 Rarity

Today my mom found a box of old hi8 home videos so the family spent most of the day watching some of them. There was this one video from 1997. Seems like yesterday, it’s crazy that 15 years was just yesterday. We sat there laughing at one another, talking about our horrid wardrobe choices, make up and hair. Mostly it was nice to see the interaction that we had with one another. My brother dismissing the camera with a big wave to cover his face,  my parents looking so plump and youthful. What will the next 15 years bring?  Over the weekend I did a “time capsule”, one of those DIY projects. I added a bunch of photos, some concert ticket stubs, a receipt from Cafe Figaro as evidence of the wine carafe purchases that I love and random knick-knacks. I also tossed in a music mix that featured Duck sauce’s Barbra Streisand 2011 anthem.  I hope that in 15 years I’ll be able to have some fine looking machine that will be able to play back my cd mix.

p.s. how kick ass is this song?


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