I support our President.

My rant.

For the first time I’m nervous about this election. Polls read 47% tie. A complete tie between Obama and Romney. Can I get a WTF?  Republican primaries were a joke and now Romney may have a chance??
We’re a true blue city in Los Angeles so it’s hard to really get a feel for what the rest of the nation is feeling. I took a 40 mile trip out to La Verne (my old college town) and it took every little bit in me not to steal the “Vote for Romney” sign on a street corner. I’m baffled on those swing states that could make it or break it.

Romney: Against abortion rights. I’m sorry but you’re a man with a dick between your legs you have no say on abortion. STEP OFF!

ROMNEY: Favors U.S.-Mexico border fence, opposes education benefits to illegal immigrants. Opposes offering legal status to illegal immigrants who attend college. It’s such a sore subject but overall I do agree in opportunity. My parents came to this country back in’68. They were two hard working people looking to settle and start a family. What they did; raised 4 awesome responsible kids and all of them achieving a college education. How’s that for having parents that left their country with a meager 3rd grade level education!

ROMNEY: Opposes legal recognition of same-sex marriage. Pardon my French but a big FUCK YOU. Go take your religious pompous attitude and get out of my face. Why can’t people be happy and marry who they love?

ROMNEY: Opposes Obama care.  There are a few bumps on that plan but it’s a forward thinking plan and that makes me a proud supporter for it.I’m 31 and pay $250 a month (A MONTH) for mediocre health care coverage. I’ve been denied surgery once because of a bogus “pre existing condition” and that was complete BS with numerous letters of appeal from my doctor and surgeon JUST to get treated.
This nation needs to get into the idea of PREVENTATIVE health care! We need to stop giving private companies the freedom to raise premiums. It’s sick. It’s so fucked up and sick. I once lived abroad and peeps there were baffled that the state could not take care of their sick without a hefty bill at the end of their hospital visit.

ROMNEY: Wants to keep bush – era tax cuts for the wealthy. Ew, We need to build a healthy middle class if we want a healthy economy.

I knew when Obama took office 4 years ago he wasn’t going to achieve his promise in one term. I do have all the confidence in the world that if Obama wins one more term, he’ll move this nation forward.

Forward thinking. Forward thinking for our next generation.

January Democratic Nevada Caucus


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