Dirtbag Thanksgiving.

I’d been itching to leave Los Angeles and join friends on their annual dirtbag thanksgiving camping adventure. It would mean solo driving out of city lights and into a star lit sky to see them.  Death Valley was the goal. I knew it’d be cold so I packed my warmest layers, canon 5d, bike and my excitement with me.  The drive out there at the crack of dawn was beautiful. Temperatures barely hit 30’s, the quiet morning made the beginnings of the sierra ridge seem even more majestic.  Once I reached the death Valley basin to join them we hit the ground running. We hiked Mosaic Canyon, experienced the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes at sunset, sunrise at Zabriskie point, bike rode up Artist Drive and walked through for what felt like an eternity in Badwater Basin.  Death Valley… such a damn beautiful place.

On my solo drive back to Los Angeles I couldn’t help but really love my state. I’ve had the opportunity to bike ride down the coast, cruise through Steinbeck country, climbed a gorgeous peak in Yosemite and have now experienced the solitude of the desert. There’s so many more spots to still experience. Nothing but California love to my native state.

Thanks Renner for inviting me into your awesome tradition.

deathvalley14 deathvalley13 deathvalley12 deathvalley10 deathvalley9 deathvalley8 deathvalley7 deathvalley1 deathvalley2 deathvalley3 deathvalley4 deathvalley6


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