Salton Sea | Salvation Mtn.

This weekend was all about heading out with a full gas tank, taking some photos and visiting the Salton Sea | Salvation Mtn.

The Salton Sea is located 1 hour and half south west of Palm Springs on highway 111. The sea is 226 ft. below sea level. It’s the largest lake in California with a salinity five times greater than that of the ocean. What’s more unique is that it’s completely man made by an agricultural error back in 1905. Cool short about the region

Salvation Mountain is located in a desolate town of Niland, Ca just south of the Salton Sea rim. It’s a damn bizarre place. I was intrigued by the selfless development Leonard Knight did more than anything. A crazy work of art in the middle of nowhere. (A  cool scene from Into the Wild)  Religious or Atheist, I def. recommend the place.

Jen and I called it “Shock and Awe” weekend. Epic in every way. Here’s to more travels with my partner-in-crime.

salton_12514_23 salton_12514_22 salton_12514_20 salton_12514_19 salton_12514_18 salton_12514_17 salton_12514_10 salton_12514_11 salton_12514_12 salton_12514_15 salton_12514_08 salton_12514_09 salton_12514_16 salton_12514_06 salton_12514_07 salton_12514_04 salton_12514_05 salton_12514_02 salton_12514_01 salton_12514_03

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