Three T’s

7 hours, 29 thousand steps, 3 peaks, 20 little frozen fingers and toes, 20 degrees, sore legs and loads of fun with the handsome crew.  From one of the peaks you can clearly see Catalina Island  on the horizon. A Saturday well spent!

Three T’s Hiking Trail Path

261622_10151934715987219_678925958_n 999945_10151934713442219_645082045_n 1234807_10151934716217219_541588801_n 1551611_10151934714522219_538933841_n 1618669_10151934716527219_322475268_n 1622027_10151934715742219_1894716464_n 1779987_10151934715057219_958528369_n 1780884_10151934714027219_1232621081_n 1798130_10151934715417219_1742326755_n


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