Run Baby Run!

I signed up for the Hood To Coast 200 mile running relay last year. Thought it’d be fun. As the event got near my preparation for it was sparse I began to panic a bit! Having nightmares of work and having a horrible running time.

Well… this weekend came and went! I had an absolutely awesome time doing it pushing myself as hard as I love to do.  I also owe it all to my 11 other amazing and inspirational team mates for their endurance to do crazy shit.

200 miles / 30 continuous NON STOP hrs / no sleep / running on adrenaline / one long road from Mount Hood to the Seaside of Portland. Phew!

Remarkable weekend and I’ll do it again so long as these lil’ legs of mine still work.

htc14_ami__101 htc14_ami__074 htc14_ami__068 htc14_ami__067 htc14_ami__021htc14_ami__001


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