Labor Day weekend of rest indeed

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. – John Muir

Over the labor Day weekend I took a drive up the 395 with nothing but a city-get-away in mind.  We set up camp near Whitney Portal and laid my head to rest with a perfect view of the Milky Way up above. The very next day we awoke  at 5 am and began our 5-mile trek up Maysan Lake trail. It was a tough hike for me but once we made it 4 hours later no other agenda was in mind but to relax and explore the area and set up camp once again for the next 2 days. I took a book and my knitting gear with me but only read 15 pages and did a mere dent on my scarf. I did nothing but marvel at the area, the stars above and I unplugged from the city. For all I knew, L.A. could have encountered the Zombie Apocalypse and I wouldn’t have known.

Great weekend with good company.

laborday2014_29 laborday2014_28 laborday2014_25 laborday2014_23 laborday2014_17 laborday2014_15 laborday2014_14 laborday2014_09





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