Hit me Whitney One More Time…

Back in June I got a chance to do Whitney with an amazing group of guys.  I had successfully received permits for October 11th so I was on the fence about hiking Mount Whitney once again within the same year.

Having hiked the Mt whitney (The highest summit in the connected 48 states) was a major trip. It was both physically and mentally crazy for me. The closer the weekend came the more I thought about it. I knew my boyfriend would be able to stand his ground on this amazing journey so we quickly organized to do it together. My friend Dan was determined to do it as well so we joined his camping adventure. This time, instead of doing the whole 22-mile route in one day, we decided to do carry our camp gear with us to Trail Camp 6 miles up but just below the insane switchbacks. Once we reached our camp site, we rested as much as we could by walking around and exploring the rocky area. We knew as soon as sun set, we would be popsicles. The nights forecast called for temperatures reaching 23F. Sure enough it was torture. I had feet warmers in my booties, boiled hot water into my canteen and snuggled with a thermal bag but the cold was so bitter it cut right thru everything. There was nothing to do but to wait it out. By 5 am Sunday we were ready to rise. We made coffee and oatmeal. The three of us successfully made summit by 9:30 am. We had slight headaches and we knew high altitude was the culprit so we took a few photos and quickly went down. It was truly epic and I’m so completely thankful we made it all safe and sound. We reached camp by noon and packed our gear back up to make the descend. Our bags felt heavier…. how was that possible?? We made such a good pace to get back down back @ 4 pm. I had an achy back and I didn’t fee so fresh and so clean. We ate burgers at the Whitney Portal Store but skipped the showers since they weren’t the greatest looking… In hindsight we should have stayed at a Lone Pine hotel to take a hot shower and perhaps sleep the night instead of driving back down to LA for the next 4 hours.

I can’t decide if doing a all day trip or an over night trip was harder. Each were hard in their own regard. Packing up 35 lbs. of stuff and carrying up 6 miles up and down was such a mile stone.

Overall, it was such an epic weekend with two awesome guys. My BF takes the cake for being so damn strong fighting altitude sickness. In such awe of him.

whitney_1012_03whitney_1012_05 whitney_1012_06 whitney_1012_13 whitney_1012_18


whitney_1012_24 whitney_1012_27 whitney_1012_34 whitney_1012_37


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