Channel Islands or bust…

With Fall approaching a group of us planned a trip out to Santa Cruz, the largest of the Channel Islands. Half of it is private land, the other is a conserved national park area. We planned weeks before by booking a trip from Ventura to Prisoners harbor with the intentions to hike from one side of the island to the other. In preparation, my BF and I spent a few hours going through our gear reassessing everything that we owned and what we needed to take vs. what we wanted to take… even cutting my booth brush in half to save some weight!

After a raging Halloween evening, I woke up at the butt-crack of dawn and jetted off to Ventura to catch our 8 am trip. Barely made it on board by the skin of our teeth. Once we got there it was hard to imagine anything any more beautiful and magical, like a scene straight out of Jurassic Park. Majestic cliff views as intimidating as ever. We arrived to set up camp with the rest of group after an intense 3-mile hike. We had brought all the water supply in tow, every single step was a reminder of every extra ounce that I had. After a very good nights rest our awesome group headed out from Prisoners out to Scorpion harbor. It was a 11.65 mile hike with 35-pound gear in tow. It seemed pretty easy but those rolling hills were killer! My feet were sore, my back complained from top then to bottom. It was pretty intense. We finally arrived 5 hours with two hours to spare before our departure back to the mainland. On our way back we caught glimpses of humpback whales as well!

It was great to spend a beautiful weekend with such rad company. Today… my body is feeling a lot more worn out than Whitney, my calves are burning like no other. Dammit. I need to work out a bit more during the week.

santacruz_2014_11 santacruz_2014_10


santacruz_2014_27 santacruz_2014_30 santacruz_2014_29 santacruz_2014_16


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