Joshua’s Tree

Joshua Tree National Park is a mere 3 hours east of Los Angeles. It’s so close yet far enough to get away from the city and be wild for a night. Over the weekend we went out there packed with warm clothes, a cooler full of beer and our eagerness. We  knew we had a full moon weekend and that temperatures would drop to mid-40’s but we didn’t care. It was car camping AND our chance to build a fire pit. It turned out to be a perfect weekend getaway with some amazing friends. We camped out @ Jumbo Rocks, a great spot with bathrooms and cool rock formations near by. The camp site is first come, first serve and we had no problem find a great spot, not  many people like to camp out during the winter time so we had success!
Meet me in the door with the desert
In the morning I am
In there in the door, in the
Feeling in the stars and the love

All the love and all in the day
Feeling in my power in my love
Say it’s in all the day, all the day
Gonna be in the garden in the sky

jt1 jt2 jt3 jt4 jt9 jt8 jt7 jt6 jt5


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