Escape Route to Magic Mountain

The Month of June was indeed full of gloom. Overcast mornings hung around the Los Angeles like a wet cloth. An escape plan was in motion. An immediate email was set off; reaching all road warriors. What we decided to do was drive up the 395 highway that lay parallel to the Eastern Sierras of California. Our first stop was Lone Pine, a sleepy town known most for it’s pit stop to Whitney Portal. It is the most popular destination for hikers who complete the John Muir Trail or either supplying their packs for their Pacific Crest Trail adventure. We continued north admiring the Inyo county landscape. We arrived to Bishop, a town known for it’s mules and original Erick Schat’s Bakery where we loaded up on many delicious carbs and headed east.

East lay the Eastern Sierras where the mountain landscape grew beneath us. It peaked up at us with snow capped ridges. We parked at the beginning of the Bishop Pass trailhead with our 30 pound backpacks over us containing all our belongings and nothing else. We did a 3.5 miles hike up and a few hours later we arrived to Saddlerock Lake. The lake still had a few sheets of ice and it was perfect drinking water with a help of a water purifier. I could hear nothing else but the sound of wind brushing up the trees and birds chirping to one another at a distance. Perhaps they were chirping at the storm that was brewing over the high ridge that we settled under. Ominous dark clouds grew out from one second to the next and the longest thunder began to roar. I felt both equally excited and petrified. I felt so removed from my place in Los Angeles. I felt the cold air and in that moment felt a sense of being alive and willing… this confidence that I had been missing. What we decided to do was crawl into our tents and wait out the storm. We took cat naps, read and laughed at the silliness of life as the world around was cleansing itself out. That afternoon couldn’t be anymore perfect and an even more perfect nigh under the starts once the clouds broke away. Most of the weekend was spent staring at the mountains and enjoying every second of it.  I must have spent a few hours looking at the majesty around us with coffee on hand. The weekend was a departure of my worries and insecurities. The mountains were alive and I was too.

“In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.”
― John Muir


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