Beautiful Mexico City

I can count the times that I’ve been to Mexico. Primarily to visit the rural areas of Zacatecas, run around with my cousins and to visit my grandmother Amelia. The years have passed and so has my grandmother. The houses look a little smaller, the fun memories a distant and out of focus thought. I was determined to visit Mexico City and really explore the concrete jungle. I didn’t know what to expect from the city. After a few recommendations from friends and family I went there with an open heart and curiosity and I was pleasantly surprised. Upon flying into the city there’s this never ending view of concrete all around. The city was definitely thriving and alive. The city itself had many landmarks, restaurants, sights and sounds. Every day was a new day of exploration. I had also taken my parents on this special trip. Their sole purpose was to visit the Virgin Mary at the Basillica De Guadalupe, light a candle and do a prayer. The afternoon was muggy and hot but I felt so excited to be there with my parents as if we were entering the gates of Disney for the first time.

We visited the beautiful Aztec ruins about north east of the city. The highlight must have been Frida Kahlo’s residence in El Coyocan. Her home had been transformed into a museum preserving her art and her delicate furniture. She’s an icon, an enigmatic beautiful woman who really painted how she felt.

Mexico City is such a vast location full of sights, sounds and beautiful colors. More than anything the city dwellers were all very nice and I cannot wait until my next visit!


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